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Amy Baird is the latest IABC Victoria member to achieve Accredited Business Communicator status. Here, she shares five lessons learned in the pursuit of accreditation. 

  1. Accreditation is a great way to challenge yourself and benchmark your work against peers internationally. I highly recommend it to all communicators.
  2. A Quill award submission can double as your first portfolio work sample for accreditation. A lot of time and effort is put into Quill award entries, so why not maximise your efforts by using this as the first step towards accreditation?
  3. Practice makes perfect. The written exam is tough. The last time I’d taken an exam was in university so I needed to brush up my skills. The IABC provides practice exam papers which give a great indication of the final exam questions so use these as part of your preparation.
  4. When starting the written exam, review the questions and assign time for each one – then stick to it.  You can’t afford to run out of time and leave a section blank as each section must be passed in order to pass the exam.
  5. Gaining accreditation can certainly help your self confidence.  I’m the only communications person in my organisation so sometimes it’s hard to find people to talk with through ideas and challenges.  Because of this it’s hard to know if what I’m doing is keeping par with other practioners. Mixing with other candidates throughout the accreditation process and discussing our particular companies/challenges was very beneficial.

Amy is internal communications manager at AIA Australia. Meet Amy at our education and development roundtable scheduled 25 October.

If you’re interested in attending the education roundtable or learning more about accreditation and the Quill Awards contact Belinda Lawrie

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