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Have you ever walked out of a business meeting and wondered what was just achieved? Why you were there?

Most of us attend business meetings, they are impossible to avoid.  Whether it be a weekly team meeting, project meeting or client meeting, people regularly get together to talk. 

What if you could take that one meeting, tweak slightly how it is run, and make it more creative and worthwhile to all participants?

Keith De La Rue, Principal Consultant at Acknowledge Consulting, believes you can.

 “Recent research has found that conversations have the ability to improve the performance of groups, help us be more innovative and even makeus individually smarter.”

Through his recent article –The art of conversationall of us are smarter than any of us – Keith discusses his five rules for more innovative meetings:

  • Have we all been introduced?
  • Is everyone open and willing to change?
  • Are we all taking equal turns?
  • Is the talk friendly and constructive?
  • Do we have sufficiently diverse viewpoints?

By focusing on these points before, during and after a meeting valuable knowledge can be shared and real progress made in each meeting you attend.

“This research hashighlighted the importance of conversation to many fields of work – creativity, collaboration, innovation and knowledge sharing,”Keith highlights.  Don’t let a bad meeting waste yours and your colleague’s time.

Keith’s blog covers more on this topic and he will also be speaking on this topic at the KM UK 2012 conference in London.