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Unlocking the value of measurement

On Wednesday, 24th June Deb Camden presented a fabulous webinar about the value of measurement. Deb is the innovator behind The Communication Dividend.

Deb has had over 35 years of communication experience and believes that communicators can provide value to organisations. (So do we. 😉 ) Deb commanded the webinar as members watched her weave her magic.

Deb reaffirmed, “When used correctly, measurement makes you, as a communicator, proactive rather than reactive. It saves you time while increasing your productivity and efficiency levels, and you can generate a cost-saving for your organisation. Technology now allows you to have real-time data which adds even more value to your organisation.”

Deb explained that making sure your business objectives and your communication objectives are aligned will demonstrate value for your organisation. Deb helped to showcase the communications department. “Once you understand the function of your communication department, relative to you delivering on value, showing how you demonstrate that value makes YOU, valuable in your organisation.”

Wise words.

Deb says, “One number on its own is great, but two numbers side by side is even better: showing people where your organisation is heading towards is a great target to have and use”.

Measurement resources are available

IABC resources for measurement are part of your membership at IABC, so you can search for more. IABC offers templates – research outline and setting objectives.

The International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC), offers free tools which are like the Measurement Maturity Mapper  that let’s you know where you rank.

Deb also recommended we use Google News and Google Analytics to capture mentions of your company.

Head to for help writing SMART communication objectives. This is an excellent free web app for PR/Communications professionals and a foundation for measurement.

Thank you Deb, we look forward to having you back again.