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Who among us communication professionals would not like to be more valued or more visible? Not many, it would appear, if feedback to a presentation by Sia Papageorgiou FRSA, SCMP at the global GovComms Festival is anything to go by.

Speaking on the topic of ‘Value and visibility for the modern day communication professional’, Sia was one of 170 speakers from 17 countries delivering 100+ hours of content from five virtual ‘stages’ over 24 hours. The inaugural event held on 17 November 2020 was dedicated to the future of government communication. It was supported by the OECD and the European Commission and attended by more than 1500 people.

Sia Papageorgiou FRSA, SCMP spoke about elevating the value and visibility of communication professionals at the global GovComms Festival.

“Have the last eight months highlighted the importance of effective communication from governments around the world?” Sia asked the delegates. The answer: a resounding yes. According to Sia, some have done it effectively, and in those cases preserved the wellbeing of communities and their citizens. Others haven’t been so effective, which has resulted in misinformation, confusion and in some cases, catastrophic consequences.

“It’s a grind, and a slow process but maybe it takes a global pandemic for the world to realise the value of effective communication,” said Sia. “But apparently that’s not the case in Australia, where our Commonwealth Government has diminished the value of communication by recently passing a bill that will more than double the cost of communication and PR degrees for the next generation of communication professionals.”

Sia argued that the responsibility to seize the moment and capitalise on our recent success rests with us. “I’m on a mission to elevate the value and visibility of communication professionals all around the world, and help them become trusted, strategic and in-demand advisors,” she said. And according to Sia, one way of doing this is to join a global network of trusted, expert and credible communication professionals, through certification as a means of setting government communication professionals apart.

The Global Communication Certification Council, an initiative of IABC, provides two certifications: the Communication Management Professional (CMP) and the Strategic Communication Management Professional.

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