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The upshot from our most recent IABC Victoria Masterclass was that Internal Communicators now have the opportunity to propel their organisational impact and value.

To achieve this, it’s time to stop trying to control communication within organisations and, instead, take up a new role as facilitators of communication across organisations.

It’s also time to focus on achieving strategic outcomes rather than getting hung up on tactics.

This was the call to arms coming out of the recent IABC Victoria Internal Communication Master Class, facilitated by industry leaders Melissa Dark of Melissa Dark & Associates and Angela Scaffidi of SenateSHJ.

Melissa kicked off proceedings by taking participants through the five key trends shaping Internal Communications today:

  • The rise of digital communication and the impact it is having on  Internal Communications… not just the tools and technologies but the way digital is changing the way we work.
  • The challenge of making messages from global HQ relevant and meaningful to employees at the local level. We can achieve this  by being clear about the strategic outcome we want to achieve and enabling the business to deliver in ways that are meaningful and relevant for our people. In short, it’s about getting the right balance between consistency and cut-through.
  • The need for communicators to stop lamenting the difficulty of measuring the impact of our communication and just get on and do it.
  • The evolving ways in which we operate. When it comes to our operating model, Internal Communications is in an interesting place, balancing the ways of old and the ways of the future.
  • The fact that change is now a constant in the organisations we support. Our ability to influence change efforts in our organisations will continue to be a key part of our role.

Understanding that change is not a linear process that organisations can move individuals through was a key learning from Angela Scaffidi’s whirlwind – and often hilarious – tour through the Four Rooms of Change. Developed by Swedish psychologist Claes Janssen, the model provides insights into what happens to people and organisations during times of change  and helps them understand and influence their own response to change.

Thanks to Melissa and Angela for facilitating this stimulating discussion. And thanks to everyone who attended.

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