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To get 2016 off to a (slightly belated!) start, the IABC Victoria team asked some of our friends to reveal their New Year’s resolutions. Here’s what they had to say.


Michael Ambjorn… IABC Global President

“I actually have three 2016 communications resolutions:

  1. Create connection: communication is a two-way street – and I’ll do my best this year to be even more careful to listen to understand, not just to respond.
  2. Focus on new insights: continue to review analytics – and keep up with new trends – it is a data-driven world we live in.
  3. Refine the core craft: Writing is a muscle and the more you do it, the easier it gets – in line with the advice to ‘communicate, communicate, communicate’ when I stepped up to Chair IABC, I am doing my best to post regularly on – it is a great way of reaching the diverse community that is IABC.”


Catherine Pitman… IABC British Columbia President

“My focus for 2016 is on “keeping it simple”. What I notice in the workplace and generally is that people are increasingly overwhelmed by the volume of information available, the pace at which things move, and the expectation (sometimes self-imposed) that we must keep up. What does keeping it simple look like for me in practice? It’s about paying attention to what’s most important and letting the other stuff go, both in what I do and the way I communicate.”


Tatiana Orozco… IABC France President

“In the fast-paced Corporate world, we tend to focus so much on delivering results and achieving business goals that sometimes we forget why we chose Communications in the first place: a passion to share, inform, create awareness, motivate and connect people. My resolution for 2016 is to keep that original passion alive to get discussions ongoing and be a change agent (inside and outside a company).”


Cason Lane… Principal, Cason Lane Strategic Communications, San Diego

“My resolution is to continue becoming a strategic advisor to senior management. To create sustainability for my career, I will continue evolving from a “communications guy” to a “strategy guy.” I will network with business leaders, learn the inner workings of different kinds of companies and hone my general business knowledge, so I can use my skills in communications and strategic planning to help management solve critical challenges.”


Adrian Cropley… ABC, Fellow RSA, CEO, Cropley Communication

“My resolution for 2016 is to connect with as many global communication professionals as I can. It’s something that I already do a lot of, but I’m keen to do even more. Every time I travel, I learn something new about communication. And I often learn most in the least expected countries. For example, it’s fascinating talking to communication professionals in Papua New Guinea. We often talk about engaging an audience with the latest communication channel. Whereas they have to engage with communities where people often don’t speak the same language, don’t read or write or, in many cases, don’t have power, never mind a computer or even a letterbox. The ingenious solutions they develop are a lesson for us all in really understanding our audience.”


Elisabeth Tuckey… CEO, Ladder

“2016 will be the year communications and advocacy will increase awareness of youth homelessness in Australia and help the broader community understand the issues young people are facing. The stories of homeless young people will be brought to life and create a compelling narrative that generates a groundswell for change.”


David Henderson… Director, Coral Communications

“My resolution is quite simple and based on the old proverb; ‘feed a person a fish and they’ll eat for a day but teach a person to fish and they’ll eat for a lifetime’. So my professional New Year’s’ resolution is to invest more time partnering with leaders to build their leadership communication skills and become more considered, more human, more authentic and approachable.”


Tim James… Manager: Melbourne and Asia Pacific Practice Manager: Communications, Ampersand

“With the changing face of communications to a more digitally led world, coupled with an audience’s appetite for visual engagement, my resolution is to introduce the use of video together with shorter and more concise and targeted communication pieces, whether it be internally, to clients or candidates. People are busy and mediums are now designed to cater for those who want a snapshot and those who would like to gain a deeper insight. Take the way we read the paper now; your eye is drawn to the picture, the headline and you read the opening paragraph and then on to the next article.”


Warren Weeks… CEO, Cubit Media Research

“This, year my resolution is to give more back to the industry. I’m starting by donating some professional development resources to up and coming media relations students and I hope to do more over the course of 2016.”


Deb Lemcke… IABC President and Director, The Launch Box

“2016 for me is about being brave and having fun. I want to challenge myself and put my skills to the test so I am going to try my hand at some teaching as well as pushing myself to be more creative in the solutions I find for my clients. I also want to remember not to take things too seriously!!”


Damien Batey… IABC Victoria Immediate Past President and Manager Communications Asia Pacific and Middle East, Motorola Solutions

“My 2016 comms resolution is let my instincts rule when it comes sending information about an issue or opportunity to leaders up the line. Building awareness and collaboration is essential for communicators and more often than not we find it was the right call to bring more people into the loop.”