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If you’re a strategic communication professional or a student studying communication in Melbourne, we think you’ll benefit greatly from joining our tribe at IABC Victoria.

Our memberships add huge value to the careers of comms professionals. From providing networking and training opportunities, to awards and conference invitations, our aim as an industry association is to enhance careers and corporate best practice for individuals and organisations in Victoria.

If you’re considering joining IABC Victoria, we’d love to meet you and help put you in touch with other professionals in our network! Our memberships come with a huge range of benefits, and in this article, we’ll discuss just a few!

Attend networking and industry events

IABC Victoria always has a full calendar of monthly events, providing you with opportunities to develop, connect and be recognised. Come have a casual drink on us after work at our quarterly Mid-Week Mingles, where you can grow your network by meeting with other PR & comms professionals in the industry!

We also host a range of development workshops, panel discussions and debates every year, which will push you to the forefront of industry best practice. This year IABC Victoria members have attended a debate on crisis comms, a LinkedIn branding workshop, and a seminar on using real communication to lead businesses. There are still plenty more 2019 events to come!

Gold Quill Awards

A membership with IABC makes your campaigns eligible for the international IABC Gold Quill Awards. The IABC Gold Quill Awards are the mark of global distinction and are the highest level of professional acknowledgement within the business communication profession. These awards recognise innovative, strategic work and stand-out campaigns within the business communication profession.

In addition to receiving global recognition, Victorian Gold Quill Award winners are also recognised with IABC Victoria’s Bronze Quill Award, and these awards are presented and showcased at our annual celebration.

Get Certified

Validate your career experience, benchmark your skills and measure your career progress through a globally recognised certification program! At IABC Victoria, we fully support out members attain this goal.

The Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC) offers IABC members two levels of certification, Communication Management Professional (CMP) and Strategic Communication Management Professional (SCMP). It’s a great opportunity for you to be recognised in our industry! Learn more about certification here.

Access Catalyst magazine and online training resources

A membership with IABC gives you access to a broad range of global training and professional development resources that will help you develop and grow in your career.

Access IABC’s Catalyst Magazine, with exclusive articles, case studies and podcasts that will help you add value to your organisation as a communicator.

IABC Academy is IABC’s global training portal. Here, members can sign up to access short courses and training webinars. Check out the portal here!

Global conferences

Further your career and build a global comms network by attending IABC’s annual World Conference! Each year thousands of comms professionals come together to discuss the latest best practice ideas in our industry, and return with new ways to add value to their organisation.

Next year’s 2020 IABC World Conference will be held in Chicago on the 14-17 June 2020!

For a conference closer to home, you can also register for IABC APAC’s Fusion Conference, which is held every year in the Asia-Pacific region!

How do I join or renew my membership?

If you’ve read through the benefits of being an IABC Victoria member and are thinking our tribe is for you, fantastic! We’d love you to join us.

Our memberships are signed on an annual basis, and there are three different kinds available: individual, student, and corporate groups. To join, click the button below and fill in the form.

If you like what you’ve read but want to speak to IABC Victoria before you make a decision, we’d love to have a chat. Email us at and let’s chat over coffee. We look forward to seeing you soon!